My name is Justin Boyd. 

I am an experienced school leader with 17 years of experience teaching and leading in K-12 schools in the United States and the Republic of Korea. Starting in the Fall of 2017 my family and I moved to Jeju Island to serve as founding members of a new day and boarding American curriculum International School. Over the last six years, I have worked tirelessly to support the growth and maturation of a new PreK3 to 12th grade school and to align all aspects of the school with the student-centered, collaborative, inquiry-based values of the school and the community.

Starting a new school has given me the opportunity to gain a wide variety of experiences in many aspects of leading a school including, student admissions, IT support, scheduling, college counseling, facilities management, NEASC accreditation, budget and organizational management Of course, this is in addition to the experiences of building an academic high school, hiring, training and developing a faculty, and navigating the virtual learning and social distancing challenges of the pandemic. 

Before moving to Jeju I have the previous eight years teaching composition, literature, public speaking, research skills, and journalism to 9th-12th grade students. I also have three years of experience teaching composition at the university level as well as three year of experience teaching AP Literature and Composition to high school seniors.

My wife, Natalie, and I along with our two young children, are currently working and living in the Global Education City on Jeju Island South Korea.